Website Control Panel

Below is a look at the main website controlpanel and what each area is for:-

  1. Control Panel:- To navigate to the main control panel simply click on "Website" -> "Content" -> "Overview". Or if you just click on the purple "Website" tab you will be taken here by default.
  2. Appearance:- This button takes you to the appearance controls where you can select/change your Website Template and customize your website template's appearance settings.
  3. Resources:- The events, teams and coaches buttons allow you to create special pages which are integrated with your GotSoccer events, teams and coaches. Learn more.
  4. Domain name and Preview:- This is your domain name - you can click on it to preview your website.
  5. Website Heirarchy:- This column holds all of your webpages. The heirarchy in which they are ordered determines your website navigation buttons. Learn more.
  6. New Page:- The purple "New Page" button allows you to create a new webpage.
  7. New Item:- The purple "New Item" buttons on your left and right columns allow you to create a new widget/item in your side columns. Once you create a widget/item inside of one of these columns, a column is automatically generated on your template. If you do not have any widgets then no column will appear. You can decide which pages these widgets/items appear on. Learn more about your side widgets.
  8. Left/Right Column:- Your left and right column is where you can create widgets/items to go on your side columns.