Menus & Page Structures

The heirarchy of your pages determines your main menu items as well as your drop menu items. It is very important to understand your page hierarchy in order to build your webpages and navigation

Menu Bar

Your main menu bar, (whether it be a horizontal menu template or a side menu template), is determined by all of your top level pages. These are the pages that are on the main level and not parented to any other page and can be easily identified by the yellow page icon next to them.

By default when you create a new webpage it will be a top level page, unless you parent it to another page or change its page type.

The title of your page will be what appears on the menu bar. So make sure not to have too long a title as these are also your menu buttons.

Drop Menu Options

To create a drop menu item, simply create a webpage and then parent your webpage to another page. This will make it a child page of the parent page. All of the child pages will appear as a drop menu item on the parent page button.

On the main overview page you will see these pages indented beneath their parent page:

How to make a child page

Inside of each of your page settings you will see a drop menu labelled "Parent Page". If you click on it you will see a list of your webpages. Simply select the webpage that you want to be the Parent Page and then click Save Page.

Now this new page will appear indented beneath your chosen parent page and also become a drop menu item on that page's button. Remember your page title will be what appears on your button so try to keep this short and precise for your users.