Current Website Clients

GotSoccer has released an update to its website software and will no longer be supporting "custom" websites. If you currently have a "custom built template" you can move across to the new templates for free, without losing any content from your current site. Follow the instructions below (Transfer to the New Templates) to get started.

If you wish to continue using your current template you can do so but will need to update and manage the site yourself. Also, please note that you will not be able to use any of the new features and it is highly encouraged that you move over to using the new templates.

Note: the template column is no longer on your main website control panel. Instead you can navigate to it under "Pages" and then filter the page "Type" to templates. This is how you can update your "custom" website template.

Transfer to the New Templates

You can easily update to use the new website feature by simply selecting one of the new templates as your website template instead of using your "Custom Template". To do so simply follow the guide on using the new website software: Quick Start Guide

With the new software templates you will most likely need to adjust your website heirarchy (the order of your pages) and order your pages according to how you want them to appear on the navigation bar of your tempalte. As the new website templates will generate buttons automatically for you based on your website heirarchy. Learn more about that here.