Side Columns

With the new software you can easily create side column items on the left or right hand side of your website. Simply create a page under the column you desire and this page will transform into a side column widget.

How to Create Side Column Items

Inside of your main control panel there are 2 areas clearly marked as your "Left Column" and "Right Column". Here you can create your side column elements by clicking "New Page" under whichever column you want your element/widget to appear.

A page will open like any other webpage you will create, however there are a few important distinctions:-

  1. You will now see in the top left hand corner an indication that this is a "Left Column" item (if you created your page under "Left Column").
  2. The page "Type" will also specify "Left Column", instead of the default "webpage" that you will normally see for your webpages.
  3. And finally, the Parent Page drop menu for these pages indicates which page this side widget will appear on, rather than controlling the page as dropmenu button.

Which Pages the Columns Appears On

To control which pages your side items/widgets appear on depends on which "Parent Page" you have selected. If, by defaut, you leave it as "All Pages" then your side column items will appear on every webpage you creat.

If you only want it to appear on a specific page, then select this page under your widget's "Parent Page" settings.