Formatting Your Pages

Using Tables to Format

The use of tables are a great way to format your pages. By inserting a tablewithout borders, you are able to cleanly organize your content into columns without people seeing the table. Below are some ways you can use tables:-

Using tables as a Text Box

You can insert a table and use it like a text box by just creating 1 row and 1 column:-

Using Tables instead of the Alignment property

As you saw above you can use the Alignment property to place an element on one side of your age, and something else on the other. Another way to do this is by using table columns:-

Using the "Alignment" style

A powerful tool to format your pages is using the "Alignment" property inside of your Images & Table settings.

NOTE: this is different than using the paragraph alignment tool in your HTML Editor toolbar:-

The alignment tool for these elements allows you to place your images/tables to the left or right of your page, and have other elements wrap around them. This differs to the normal paragraph alignment as that simply aligns your element to the left or right without anything wrapping around it:-

Using Alignment with Images

Whenever you insert an image, you can select your image by highlighting it - firefox browser allows you to easily click on your image. For other browsers you will want to highlight the image with your curser. At the bottom of your html editor you can see if you have selected it correctly - click on the IMG tag to ensure you have selected it:

Once your image has been selected click on the image icon in the tool bar to bring up your image settings:-

Now you can select your alignment so they text can go around your image. You can also add "Spacing" around your image so that the text doesn't line up against your image.

Using Alignment with Tables

The same can be done for your tables. Simply select your inserted table and click on the "Edit Table" button in your toolbar - then select "Edit Table" and click on your "Properties" tab: