Creating Links

The HTML Editor helps you create any type of link you may want:-

  • Hyperlink:- use this to link to external websites, emails, documents to download or create bookmarks
  • Page Links:- Use this to link to other pages you have created within your Gotsoccer Website
  • Resources:- Use this to your GotSoccer Resources:- Teams Page, Coaches Page, Events Page, Registration forms, Schedules etc.


Whenever you want to create a link to an external website, a bookmark or even a document you want people to download, you will use the hyperlink tool in your HTML Editor. (For Bookmarks - read the bookmark guide):-

  • First highlight the text or image you want to be you link
  • Next click on the Hyperlink icon - this will bring up your hyperlink options.

  • The top line is where you insert/choose your Source:-
    • External Website: If it is a website you would type in the website address here. Once you insert the address (ie. you would click on the drop box next to Source and select the correct preceding protocol. This way you do not need to type in the entire address and can easily select from the drop box.

    • Email: You could type in an email address if you want people to be able to click on the link and open up an email option. NOTE: Use the mailto: option in the dropbox options for email.
    • Documents: You may want to link to a documents inside of your asset manager. To do this you would click on the folder next to source. This takes you to your Asset Manager where all of you documents/images are stored. Navigate to the file you want them to download/open, select the document you want, then click OK (in the bottom right). Once you ok you will be taken back to the Hyperlink settings, click Insert and your hyperlink is made. NOTE: make sure to leave the dropbox next to source empty for any document links. There is a documents to download guide if you need it.
  • The Target option lets you decide whether your hyperlink opens on top of your page (this is the default option and is what will happen if you leave this blank) or in a new tab (for this select _Blank).

Page Links

To create links to pages, resources and other websites use the Page Links button in your HTML Editor toolbar:-

Let's say you want to include a link inside of your content slider which says "Read more" and which takes you to the full article we page:-
  1. First, make sure the Page you are linking to is already created, ie. your Articles Page.
  2. Next, using your curser, highlight what you want to make into a link - i.e. "Read More"
  3. Then click on the Page Links button in your toolbar 
  4. This will bring up all of your content/web pages you have created.
  5. Simply select the page you want to link to and you're done! 

Resources Links

You can also link your pages to your GotSoccer database – your teams, coaches, events, registration forms etc. To do so simply follow the above steps 1-2 and then instead of clicking Page Links you would select “Resources”:-


This brings up a list of all of your GotSoccer Resources available to you - they active links will be blue links:-
  • There is an Events Tab and a Programs Tab - click between these to find your tournaments and programs.
  • At the top there is a section named Standard Web Pages which lists Teams, Coaches, Events - these are the generated pages GotSoccer produces for you. Read more about these pages here.

  • If you have active Regitration forms open you will see those available to you too. 
  • Simply click on the blue resources link that you want and your link is done.

Let's look at using your GotSoccer Database