Formatting Your Text

To format the text on your website use the HTML Editor toolbar. This allows you to change the font, color, alignment etc. of your text.

Standard Styling

Your website has standard styles set for you to style your text so that it remains consistent on all of your pages. These styles can be found in the HTML Editor toolbar under the tab labelled "Paragraph". By highlighting your text and then selecting these items, you will be using the standard styles for your website. 

For all of your paragraph text you will want to use "Normal (P)". 

So start by typing out your first line of content. Highlight this line of text and then select Normal (P) in the drop-down menu. You may not see the reformatting until you save your page and preview it in the browser. 

Once you set a style, the editor will keep this same style throughout your text, until you highlight another piece of text and change the style.


Sometimes your lines of text may overlap or be too close together. To fix this you will want to adjust the line-height. 

You can adjust this by highlighting your paragraph - to properly highlight your paragraph you will want to use your curser to highlight the paragraph you want to edit. Once you highlight it you will see some tags appear at the bottom of you html editor. To make certain the paragraph has been selected correctly  you will need to click on the corresponding html TAG at the bottom of the editor:-  

  • 1) Highlight your paragraph:-

  • 2) Select the tag for your element - in this case we want to change the paragraph whose tag is a  <P> 

  • NOTE: There may be a bunch of tags listed underneath. If you do not know which one is correct, simply click on each element and you will see different things get highlighted in your editor. Once you see your paragraph get highlighted (and no other elements) you know that that tag is the correct one. This is how you determine what the different tags at the bottom refer to - just click on them and see.
  • 3) Once I click on the <P> tag i see the whole of the paragraph highlight (above you can see I only highlighted that one section). But I want to change the whole paragraph not just that section:-

  • 4) Now that I have correctly highlighted my element, I can click on the "Paragraph Formatting" button in my tool bar. 

  • 5) Inside the paragraph formatting you will see Line Height where you can change your line-height: usually numbers between 1-2 should work.

Copying and Pasting Content

Whenever you copy and paste content into the HTML Editor, it will often copy over the formatting styles from wherever you copied it. To remove these style, highlight your text and click on the Eraser icon on the left of your HTML Editor toolbar.

Now your text has no styling and you can format it correctly.