Adding Photos

Inserting images into your pages is simply and fast:-

  • Ensure your curser is where you want your image to be placed.
  • Click on the image icon in your toolbar - this will open up your image properties.

  • Click on the folder in the top right hand corner to navigate to your Asset Manager (this is your online storage where all of your images and files are stored).

  • If you haven't already uploaded your image then click on the source button to upload your image into your asset manager

  • Now your image file will be available for you to insert onto your page. Simple click on your chosen image and click "OK".
  • This brings you back to your image properties, where you can change the height, width, add a border to your image, add some spacing, align your image to the right, left or center of your page etc. NOTE: by default the image will be placed on a line by itself. If you want your text to wrap around your image, then make sure you align it to the right or left and then add some "Spacing" to your image.
    • Notice that your image URL extension is shown in the top box [NOTE: this is only the extension and not the full URL - the full url would be whatever your domain name is and then this extension].
  • Finally, click insert and you are done.