Inserting Code & 3rd party Widgets

Third party widgets can be added to your website - like image galleries or videos. As long as they provide you with the HTML code, you can copy and paste the code into your web pages. Below is an example of a 3rd party widget website:-
If you are apprehensive about adding code, simply make a copy of your page (by copying and pasting the content) before you edit it - this way you have a backup. 

Inserting Widget:
  • Once you have created your widget simply copy the code so you can paste it into your webpage.
  • Now go to your GotSoccer hosted website and open the content page (webpage) you want to insert your widget.
  • Since you are inserting code you will need to change your editor from HTML Editor to Text Editor. You will find the editor button at the top of your page. Hit save page to execute the change:-
  • Now simply copy your widget code and save this page. Click on the URL of your page to preview it and see if your widget was inserted correctly.

TIP: If you want to insert your widget somewhere specific on your page, like in the middle of a page you have already created; you will want a marker so you can easily navigate the code and know where to insert your widget. The following will help you do so:-

  • Whilst in HTML editor mode, create a new paragraph and simple type the words ADD WIDGET. Format this as you would want your widget formatted - for instance if you want it centered then Center align this text.
  • Now change the editor to TEXT editor mode.
  • Click within the editor and use your computer's Find command (control/command + f) and search for "ADD WIDGET".
  • Now you will see exactly where you need to insert your widgets code. Paste the code over the "ADD WIDGET" text - you no longer need the text.
  • Save your page and preview it to see your widget.