Inserting Documents to Download

In order to insert a document to download, first upload your document into the asset manager - if you do not know how to do this please read the Asset Manager page

NOTE: It is very important that you title your document without any spaces. So rename your document something simple without spaces or dashed - you can use underscores if you need. Then Upload it.

Create link to download forms:

  • Highlight the link you want to create - this may be an image or perhaps some text saying "download forms".
  • Click on the hyperlink icon (the one that looks like a paperclip) in your HTML Editor's toolbar. This brings up your hyperlink window.

  • Where it says Source, click on the folder on the right to navigate to your Asset Manager where your form is being stored.
  • Select the form you want people to download and click ok.
  • The hyperlink is now pointing to your document.
  • Finally (in your Hyperlink window), next to Target, select Blank in the dropdown menu. This simply means that when people click on the link a new window opens with the form. Instead of it opening in the same window as your webpage.
  • Click insert and your download link is complete! 
  • When people click on the link the document will either open or prompt them to download (this depends on their personal browser settings).