Adding Youtube Videos

To add youtube video to your site you must first get the youtube HTML code to your video:-

Get Youtube Videos Code

  • Upload/find your video on youtube.
  • Below your video you will see a link that says share: 

  • Now click on the Embed button to get the HTML code for this video:-
  • Copy this code to insert into your webpage.

Paste code into your webpage:

  • Now go to your GotSoccer hosted website and open the content page you want to insert your video.
  • Since you are inserting code you will need to change your editor from HTML Editor to Text Editor - click save as to execute the change. You will find the editor button at the top:-

  • Unless you are familiar with HTML code and know how to insert it where you want, we suggest pasting your youtube code right at the bottom/end of your page's code
  • Now simply change the editor back to HTML Editor (clicking save as again) and you will see the youtube video has been inserted at the bottom of your page. 
  • You can now select/highlight the video, right click to cut it, and then paste it in wherever you want on your page. 
  • Finally, save your page and preview it.