Teams Page

As a part of the integrated system, GotSoccer generates a Teams Page for you. This page includes a table listing all of the teams you have registered in GotSoccer (you decide which teams are published or not). These teams can then each have their own Team Page, which can be updated through the website tab and/or (if you choose to do so) updated through the Team's Account. Below is an example of the generated Teams Page:-

Controlling What is Published:

To navigate to the Teams control panel click on the Teams link in the grey menu bar:

Here you will find the controls for your generated Team page:- 

Figure 1

(A) On the right hand side you will see the URL address for your teams page. When you click on it you will see a preview of how this team page is displayed on your website.

(B) These check boxes allow you to control which columns in your teams table are published and able to be viewed on the website. 

(C) These buttons allow you to make a mass Publish or Hide of all your team schedules and rosters - you can also do this individually by clicking on the selected team.

(D) This shows all of the teams you have inside of your GotSoccer database. The column on the left, Listed Teams, are all of the teams you have chosen to Publish (and thus appear on your site). The right column, Other Teams, and teams who are not published and will not be seen. To publish or unpublish a coach simply click on their name and on the right check or uncheck the box labeled "Publish to Site".

Linking to the Team Page

As you saw above, you can find the URL of this page in the right hand side (see figure 1, label A). You could simply copy this URL and then when you create your link button you would just paste this in as the Link. 

An easier way though, is to use your Resources button in your HTML Editor tools:

This button allow you to link to your many GotSoccer Resources, one of those being your generated Teams Page. 

  1. Highlight your link button then click on this resource button.
  2. This will bring up all of the resources you have available - including your Team, Coaches and Event Page and any Tournament Registration forms or Tournament Schedules that you have within GotSoccer.
  3. Click on the Teams button and your link will be created.

Now when people click your link, it will take them to the generated Team page with your team table - the same page as you previewed in Figure 1, label A.

Adding Content to this Generated Teams Page #

The generated Team Page only publishes your Team Table in to the content area of your website. But what if you want to add some information to this page? Say a Heading and maybe a paragraph or two of writing? 

You can easily do this by simply creating a new Content Page, like you did for all of your other content pages, and then assigning it as your Team Page. NOTE: This information will publish above your generated Team's table.
  1. Go to your main control panel and select Create New Page under your HTML Pages column.
  2. Create your content like you would for any other page - insert your text and images, format them and select publish.
  3. Now before you save this page, you must turn it into a Teams Page instead of just being a regular content Web Page. Above the HTML Editor, to the left of your Published button, you will notice a drop menu labelled Type. This drop box determines what the page is used for. It's default is Web Page - which would be what we use for all of the Content Pages you have been creating. 
  4. Select Teams Page from this drop menu to turn this page into content for your Teams Page.
  5. Now save your page and you are done!
  6. When you preview it inside of this page, it will only show you the preview of the content on this page. It will not show you the preview of your Teams Page. To preview your teams page, you must navigate back to your Teams control panel (click on Teams in the grey menu bar) and then click on the Teams page preview. Now you should see the content you created for the Teams Page with the generated Teams table below.

Individual Team Profile Pages

Each team can have their own profile page which will integrate into the website. For instance, if someone were to click on one of the teams in your teams table, they would be taken to that teams Profile Page. If no profile is created the software will still generate some basic information about that team - seen in the image below.

Adding Content to these Team Profile Pages

Now the information generated is basic information on the teams; their age group, coach, a link to their rankings page etc. But most likely you will want to add more content to these Team Profiles. You can do this easily:

  1. Go to the Teams control panel. 
  2. From the table click on the team you want to add information to OR click on the pencil icon next to the team.
  3. This will open up the familiar HTML Editor for you. Simply insert the content you would like, save and publish.
  4. Now when you view that team on your website, the content you inserted will load right beneath the generic heading created by GotSoccer's database.