Configuring Your Site

In order to get your website up and running online you must first Configure your site - this means setting up your domain name. 

  • Click on Website -> Configuration (in the navy blue menubar).
Here you will find the Site Setup: 

NOTE: this will most probably have already been done for you, however you may want to change it.

  • Website Address Type: - a) Basic - here you create a domain address  OR if you already have a domain you can select  b) Advanced – where you can use your current domain name by simply pointing to our DNS number. Click here to learn how to use your Own Domain Name
  • Website Address (URL): -if you have selected option a) Basic then here is where you select whatever domain you want.
  • Preferred Editor: - This allows you to edit your pages visually, using WYSIWYG, or manually code the pages using HTML/CSS coding. You can change this inside of each pages and go back and forth if you wish. So this doesn't need to be decided now.
  • File ManagerThis is where you upload any of your images, files, videos etc. that you want to use in your website.
While in the developmental stage of your Website, it is probably better to use the Basic website address type. This way you can preview your pages online before launching it as your finished website. You can always select the Advanced option and change your domain name at a later period when you are ready to fully launch your site.

Once you have completed this configuration hit save and your new URL/Domain name will be shown.

A new row will appear labelled Preview. This is your new URL/domain name.