Asset Manager: Uploading Files/Images

All of your images and documents you want to include in your website are stored inside of your File/Asset manager (please note i will often referred to this as simply the asset manager). Here you can upload images, documents to download, media etc. to make accessible for your site. There are a few ways to access the asset manager:

1. In the Configuration page, under Website -> Configuration, you will see a direct link to the File Manager - click on the Open File Manager button to open up your file/asset manager. 

2. Another way to access the asset manager is within your pages and using the HTML Editor. Many of the tools in this toolbar will allow you to navigate to your asset manager. Here are the different tools:

To simply navigate to your Asset Manager quickly, you could use any of the above tools. Once you click on one of these items a window will pop up. The window will appear different depending on which item you clicked on, however all of them will have a folder button in the right corner. Once you click on this folder you are taken into your Asset Manager.

The asset manager will look like this: [NOTE: notice the drop menu on the top right is labeled Images. This is because i used the images icon to navigate to it - so it assumes I am looking for an image. You can change this drop menu to show All Items if you want].

The Asset Manager

Here is an overview at the Asset Manager:

  1. These are the Folders - you can create different ones to organize your documents.
  2. New Folders: Click on this link to create new folders. Del Folder: Click on this link to delete folders.    
  3. & 4. You can navigate through the types of files stored in your asset manager. Here are the different types;
    1. All Files
    2. Media
    3. Images (IMPORTANT: this is the default, so always change it to All Files if you are searching for Documents or Media files.
    4. Flash
      5.   This is the web address of your file. When you click on each one you will see it's web address.

How to Upload Files:

To upload a file, an image for example, open up your Asset Manager. Select Choose File and thennavigate to the file you want on your computer.

Click Upload and when it is completed you will see your file appear on the right hand side. Once your file is uploaded within the Asset Manager it can now be inserted into a page.

Inserting Images:
  1. Open up the Content Page you want to insert your image. 
  2. Click the curser to whereever you want the image to be inserted.
  3. Click on the image icon in the grey toolbar and navigate to the asset manager by clicking on the folder in the top right corner. 
  4. Select the image you want to insert then click the OK button in the bottom right corner. 
  5. The Image window will appear again and you can edit the width/height of your image, add a border, add spacing etc.
  6. Finally, click Insert and your image is inserted.

Next we will look at Creating Page Links