Page Editor

All of your pages (templates and content pages) are created using the Page Editor. It is both;

  1. HTML Editor: allowing you to format your content using the toolbar and it will write the html code in the background for you.
  2. Text Editor: works like a normal text editor and will allow you to write code directly into it yourself.
There is an editor dropbox that allows you to switch between these 2 options. It is highly recommended that you use the HTML Editor and it's toolbar formatting if you do not have HTML knowledge. However, you may want to use the Text Editor if you have downloaded any widget codes online and want to insert them.

Content Page Editor

When in the default HTML Editor this is what you'll find:

Let's break it down;


  • A) Editor: This dopbox allows you to change between using the HTML Editor and the Text Editor
  • B) Title: This is where you will label your page - this title will also be the Link if you want to automatically want to generate a button. (This will be explained more below).
  • C) Type: This is where you select what type of page you are creating
  • D) Published: You must check this box to publish your page and make it viewable to people online.
  • E) Parent Page: This is where you can generate automatic links for your pages - every 'child' page will show up as a link on the page they are 'parented' to.
  • F) Save Page: You must always remember to save your pages
  • G) HTML Editor: This is where you insert your content. There is a toolbar with formatting options to help assist you. It's as easy as formatting a word document. You can indent paragraphs, change fonts and their colors, insert pictures etc. This toolbar will be

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Template Editor

Your templates will be found in your main website control panel under the central column labelled Custom Templates. Click on the template to go inside of the HTML editor and view it. Let's break down the Template options you will see:

  • A) This is the name/title of your template.
  • B) This is where you can control whether you view the template in HTML Editor mode (so that you see how the template will be published) or Text Editor mode (so you see the templates HTML code).
  • C) This is where you decide what you will be using your template;
    • Club Site: This is for your website and all of it's content pages.
    • Event:xxxxx: This is for your events/tournaments you have registered with GotSoccer. All of your event pages, like information, scores & Schedule, registration etc. can be integrated into your website by using this template.
    • Program:xxxx: The same with any Programs you have set up - they too can be integrated into your site by using this template.
  • D) This is your template inside of the HTML Editor


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