• When I type in my domain name it says "Club Not Found"?
  • If you are seeing this then you probably do not have your Homepage designated. You must make sure you have assigned one of your web pages as your Homepage so that the software knows where to direct people when they type in your domain name. To do this simply click inside of your webpage and change the "Type" to HomepageClick For Full Instructions
  • When I create a link to download a document the link doesn't download the document?
  • Make sure your documents name has no spaces in it. Whenever you link to a document the name of the document will become a part of the link itself. If it contains spaces then the link will sometimes be broken and the document won't be found. Instead of spaces try using underscores. For example, instead of naming a document "Registration Form.pdf" you would change it to "Registartion_Form.pdf" or "RegistrationForm.pdf".