Changing your Domain Name

If you own your own domain name and want to use that domain name for this site here is what you do

  • Log in to your GotSoccer Website and click on Configuration (in the blue menu bar):
  • Change your “Website Address Type” from Basic to Advanced

    • Type in your domain name (that you are transferring it to) in the “Website Address (URL)” box – the example below is
      • Save these changes.
      • Now use the number given to you in the paragraph ( to input into your domain name provider under the A NAME Record. 
      • Whoever you purchased your domain name from ( etc) will have a control panel that allows you to redirect your domain name. They usually have different options but you want to use their A NAME Record or A record option. Simply type in the number above into the A NAME field and your website should be redirected.
        • NOTE: it can take up to 24hrs to change – so at first it may come up as “not found” but just remain patient.